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Conference And Workshops

The Conference..

Listen.. Think.. Discuss..&*

Through the conference we seek:

  • To discuss all ideas related to the development of sports in Egypt and the Arab world, and to maximize its role in society.
  • To overcome all obstacles in order to achieve comprehensive sports development.
  • The conference shall be recurring on a regular basis, and it shall be an annual event accompanying the exhibition.

The conference and workshops at the sports expo Egypt 2023 are the backbone of the event, inviting discourses that are educational, inspirational and get the ball rolling in the sports industry. Prepare to hear global experts speak about:

Future trends in sports

The impact of technological development on sports

Digital trends in sports

AI applications in sports

Investments in sports

International sports events promoting tourism

Sustainability and environmental protection

Sports medicine & field injuries

Creativity in sports

Organization of the upcoming Olympic Football World Cup