Our aim is to expose you to unparalleled opportunities to network with top decision-makers, exchange invaluable insights, and uncover groundbreaking advancements in sports technology. Join us at Sports Expo Egypt 2025 to be at the forefront of transforming the sports industry. 

A Key Annual Event

As a key annual event, Sports Expo connects you with the most influential figures across the sports spectrum, from government officials and private sector giants to leading sports centers and clubs. Here, you’ll showcase your innovations to not just Egypt’s 100 top market but also to the Middle East’s, opening doors to new investment avenues and partnerships. 

Shaping The Future of Sports

Seize the chance to address the needs of the vibrant Egyptian sports market, gain a competitive edge, and spearhead solutions that will shape the future of sports. Be part of a community that’s driving towards excellence, meeting the market’s demands head-on, and forging new paths for growth and success in the sports industry. Embrace this opportunity to elevate your brand and impact the sports landscape.